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Sim avionics

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Author: Koalar February 28, 1 Comment. Situation here in our city is getting better. We are now gradually resuming our business and restocking our products.

Online shop is now reopened. Orders will be shipped with no delay. Author: Koalar February 4, 0 Comments. Therefore, our business is greatly limited for the time being. Our shipping company, DHL has also stopped their service. Considering all that, we decide to close our online shop for a while. For the orders already payed, we will ship them as soon as shipping service is available from DHL. The earliest date we are expecting is Feb We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at lichenpo hotmail. Author: Koalar December 18, 11 Comments. Improvements including automatically saving all the settings and customization of the functionalities for some unused buttons on the audio panel. One functionality added specifically for X-Plane is a configuration for controlling the hardware bezel backlight by a switch in X-Plane.

sim avionics

To find a command or a dataref in X-Plane, please refer to Commands. Author: Koalar November 30, 28 Comments. Thanks to InfiniteFlight team for their support. Author: Koalar June 12, 12 Comments. Author: Koalar May 23, 37 Comments. Author: Koalar April 1, 5 Comments. As the v5. Also, in this version profile view for terrain is add in MFD. Author: Koalar February 13, 18 Comments. Navigation database is now updated to cycle Have fun! Author: Koalar October 5, 12 Comments.

Author: Koalar June 11, 1 Comment. The actual units are only related to the aircraft models. To make the temperature values using the right units, the latest GBridgeX v2.

So, if you are already using GBridgeX v2. Do as the following: Find the. Change the last number to 1 or 0 to indicate the value is in Celsius or Fahrenheit respectively. Good luck. This requires InfiniteFlight Attaches in minutes to your Volair Sim cockpit. Padded carbon-fiber look glareshield with hand stitching. Compatible with all versions of Volair Sim. Most manufacturers have a strategy to charge a lower base price for the "bare" cockpit and then charge high premium for extras.

We, at Volair Sim, believe that you should not pay premium for accessories that you may need now or in the near future. You get ALL the left, center, and right mounts included standard for maximum configurability. The high quality powdered tubular steel chassis built around the adjustable real world car racing seat is a true joy to experience.

It isn't even close.

sim avionics

This is one of those "why didn't I get this earlier? Then after you get it you realise that you will never get rid of it. I slept in it last night god its so comfortable". No nickel and diming the customer to death to assemble a complete rig. Mark S. Fully articulating arms allowing for custom angles from degrees for the side displays. Fully adjustable height and distance from user. Compatible with all verisions of Volair Sim. Excludes shipping costs.

All rights reserved. The optional arm rests allow for precision flying. View on Mobile.I was very skeptical of this product See Full Review. I found incredible value in these panels by Flight Velocity. These strong, lightweight and fairly priced panels are an excellent solution if you are someone that already has instruments by Saitek, someone who wants to build a cockpit or even someone in the flight simulator business.

master avionics controls before you get in the air

This is exactly what the flight sim world has been needing! Now, I can adjust my climbs or descents with extreme precision! Well done, guys! The panel is a great way to organize your avionics and flight controls Overall, great customer service.

Excellent instrument panel. The price point is amazing The build quality is superb Extremely satisfied with mine and I plan on obtaining more components. I've been looking for a flight sim panel that will stand up to frequent usage and won't break the bank. I found it - thanks guys! I was looking for a flight sim panel for my X-Plane set up and this panel fits the bill perfectly - very sturdy!

Our panels boast patented designs that are built from the desk up for strength, durability, and high performance. Proudly constructed in the USA from high-strength ABS plastics, our panels will give you hours of realistic flight time at an equally realistic price.

Learn More Close search. Flight Simulator Panel Kits. Blank Panels. Flight Controls. Flight Simulator Kits. View all. Videos and Reviews. About Flight Velocity.We've experienced the intense pressure of check rides, and felt frustrated at how little time is devoted to learning and being truly comfortable with GPS, radios, and other avionics controls.

Now you can learn these important skills in a low stress yet realistic environment. We're here to help you every step of the way. RealSimGear products are available for the most used components industry wide. Whether you need a GNS, or a complete G dual system we have the gear. We're here to help you get up and running fast. Consult our setup guides and link and if you have any questions you can contact us for a rapid response by email, chat, or phone. Awesome product and great people to work with.

They helped me with setup and the gps works like a charm. They also recommended that I have the option to use the reality xp version downloaded into xplane.

Wow this changed everything with their garmin Good job! This is an excellent unit. The look and feel of the unit is precise. Learning to use the actual GNS in the air is tough. Learning to use it on a computer with a mouse is unrealistic. Being able to turn the knobs, push the buttons, navigate and fly in the simulator at the same time is the most efficient way to learn.

The setup is straight forward and the unit works great. Support from the RealSimGear team is timely, responsive, and communication is excellent. Use realsimgear and you'll never. Fail your check-ride because your are not proficient in the use of your GPS, radios, or autopilot.

Screw up an an instrument procedure because you're not sure how VNAV works on the approach. Feel uncertain or doubt your ability to confidently use on-board avionics. RealSimGear makes learning avionics easy and stress free. RealSimGear exists to help you learn avionics more effectively As pilots ourselves, we have gone through the private pilot and instrument training. There is a better way to learn avionics than while flying! Featured products. Great Product.

Scott Brady. Aaron D. Better than learning in the air. Doug Weise. Gary Penna.This makes it easy to connected all sorts of hardware parts, like switches, buttons, rotary encoders, LED's, potentiometers and much more. All of this is interfaced with an easy to understand API.

For those who want to take it up a notch there's our Arduino library, which can be integrated right into your Arduino Sketch and makes it possible to communicate with Air Manager and Air Player. Air Manager. The best instrument panel tool on the market. Air Manager is an application which allows you to create your own 2D flight simulator panels. You can run it on the same computer as your flight simulator, or on a seperate computer. It will automatically connect to your X-plane, FSX or Prepar3d flight simulator on your local network.

Choose your panel from one of the included 20 pre-made panels, or create your own from a library of more than free instruments. Is the instrument you are looking for not in our library? No problem, you can create your own by using our simple API in combination with the Lua scripting language.

Read more Panel layout. Flight simulator. Automatically connects to X-plane, FSX or Prepar3d running on the same computer or another computer on your network. Create instruments. Touch control. Control instruments with touch input. Reach and touch just like real life. Join our active user community and help each other build awesome flight simulators. Smooth graphics. Connect buttons, switches, LED's, rotary encoders etc. Automatic updating.

sim avionics

Software updates are detected and downloaded automatically. Instrument panels. Community panels. Air Manager comes with a library of more than 14 free panels you can choose from!

Complete panels are available for the CessnaRobinson R44 and the Beechcraft Baron 58, among many others. Air Manager allows you to select one of these panels and show them on your computer within seconds! Premium panels.Fly using one PC, multiple PCs, multiple displays or a full hardware cockpit. Tens of thousands of waypoints, navaids, airports, runways and departure procedures are packaged with aeroSystems. The data is supplied by Navigraph and is updated regularly on their website.

You can choose to upgrade to the latest data or continue to fly with the aeroSystems data. It has a sophisticated flight management computer and autopilot system built-in that actually controls the aircraft. The is a complex aircraft but the software has been designed in such a way to make it easy to understand. The videos will make things very clear because they assume you know nothing about the aircraft.

Fly aeroSystems with just your keyboard and one monitor, or wrap your favourite hardware around it, just like the photo. It can even support one PC with multiple monitors or a number of PCs across your network. The choice is yours.

Set up your hardware the way you want it.


We even provide over two hours of videos showing you how to fly the system. Use flight sim for the out-the-window scenery and aeroSystems for its avionics and automatic flight controls.

The mode control panel controls the automatic flight of the aircraft. It controls the range of the map, the type of map, display of waypoints, navaids and airports. It also sets the QNH and sets the minimum decent altitude indicator.

All of the avionics displays can be positioned and sized in any configuration you wish. This is the main display for the pilot. It shows the airspeed, takeoff speeds, stall speeds and flap speeds. At the top is the annunciator panel indicating the mode of the automatic flight systems on the aircraft. From left to right are the thrust, roll and pitch modes. This is the main display for maps and situational awareness.

The ND displays important information about heading and speed, draws the flight path in magenta, displays airports, waypoints and other aids, and displays the ADF and VOR indicators. It also shows the time and distance to the next waypoint, ground speed and true airspeed, and wind speed and direction. Aircraft traffic is also displayed in compass and expanded map mode on the ND. A white hollow diamond indicates traffic between 7 to 40 miles within to feet of your aircraft.

Avionic Panels

A white solid diamond indicates traffic between 3 to 6 miles within feet of your aircraft. A yellow solid circle indicates traffic within 3 miles and feet of your aircraft. The departure airport of Sydney runway 16R can be seen with white dotted lines extending out During the programming of the flight management computer you can view your flight plan with each waypoint at the center of the display.ProSim-AR is based in the Netherlands.

As of this writing, the latest official release version is v1. All three require the main System program to operate and are included when you purchase the full 3-in-1 option anyway.

There is a downloadable manual available on the ProSim-AR website. The last time I checked, the manual was written inbut is still relevant.

It is written in English and details the steps to install, configure, and update the ProSim Suite. Installation of ProSim is simply to extract the downloaded ZIP file into a folder on your computer.

Instrument panels

I just put it in the root of my FSX data drive. These will be used later to update ProSim Getting ProSim Suite up and running is a little complex at first, but the manual details it quite well. These contain the Windows executables needed for each module to run. UnZIP the modules you need and I will do my best to describe each of them. If you add or remove scenery, you should run this again so ProSim stays aware of your simulator navigation information.

If you run a FMC, you should also install the appropriate Navigation database here as well. The one you can download from the ProSim website is frombut updated versions can be purchased from www. As long as all of your navigation tools use the same version, you should be fine. I highly recommend the Navigraph Manager software for this. Now comes the fun part! This ProSim main module is where you configure every interfaced hardware device you own.

Every input and output must be configured here including all switches, potentiometers, levers, gauges, lights, numerical outputs, sounds, etc. If you run natively supported hardware devices such as from CPFlight, FDS, SimWorld, and others, you are going to save a TON of time as these just work right away by enabling the specific support option.

Check the ProSim compatibility list and your specific hardware manuals for more details. The nice thing is that ProSim can detect your hardware and help you out. When a Gate is active you can have it do an action, such as light an annunciator, play a sound, and more. And since a Gate requires the correct flight system logic to occur, these fans only turn on when the aircraft has the correct power available, the respective overhead RECIRC switches are on, and the fans are not failed or disabled due to pack settings.

I had the basic flight controls, such as yoke, pedals, throttles, landing gear lever, and flap lever, set up through FSUIPC.