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29.10.2020 By Fegis

Please look at picture 1. Here is a webm stream downloaded from a YouTube video. Most webm streams contain a Vorbis Ogg soundtrack, but some webm streams including this one contains an Iibopus Opus soundtrack instead. And both types are way better than AAC soundtracks uploaded after March Can you see that the upper right red arrow is at the level 20 kHz, if you please take a look at the left vertical scale?

Why is it at 20 kHz? Well, this is because this person finally saved or dubbed his video at 20 kHz sound quality. Can you see that lower left red arrow is at the level 18 kHz? This is because this person a bit earlier saved his off-vocal instrumental soundtrack at the sound quality of 18 kHz. This means that the actual music in this download has plenty of music up to 18 kHz, but no music above 18 kHz. Young human ears stop at 20 kHz.

Dogs can hear much higher sounds and music than 20 kHz. Please look at picture 2. Here is a mp4 stream downloaded from the same YouTube video. Virtually all mp4 streams contain an AAC soundtrack, including this one. Can you see that the red arrow is at the level 16 kHz? This means that this video was uploaded after March 28th The red arrow used to be at 18 kHz before that date. Now let's think for a bit.

Suppose that you have downloaded both the video stream in picture 1 and 2. Which one should you use? And the music at kHz is missing in 2 but present in 1. So you should obviously use 1. Please look at picture 3. Can you see the upper left red arrow at the 20 kHz level?

This is because she recorded her own voice singing the main vocals at 20 kHz sound quality. Can you see the lower right red arrow at 16 kHz? This is because she recorded her own mumbling level background vocals with 16 kHz sound quality. Please look at picture 4. Here is her completed mixing of her own mp3 soundtrack intended for her soon to be YouTube upload.

What you can see in picture 4 is not something that was downloaded from YouTube by me. Instead it's a mp3 file that she placed at a file sharing site.S ara Valestein is one of the main protagonists and playable characters of the video game tetralogy The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, serving as a guest-star party member in the first game and a proper party member in the sequels.

Before then, she was a member of the Bracer Guild, during which time she became known as the "Purple Lightning. Sara appears as a tall, strong beautiful woman with her long fuschia red hair tied up and yellow eyes.

In her regular days as a Bracer and after becoming homeroom teacher, she wears a yellow cocktail dress and brown high thigh boots underneath and belted by a dark green overcoat. Sara's general personality is best described as lazy, childish, manipulative and irresponsible.

The other instructors at the academy do not hold her in high regard, and she has a reputation as a slacker.

She often takes advantage of Rean in particular, signing him up for Student Council errands behind his back and frequently sending him on tasks she should really do herself. Rean even suspects that she is the reason the Student Council, particularly Towa, are as busy as they are. She frequently drinks beer in her spare time, with no concern for what time of day it is, and will often tease her students by reminding them they are too young to drink, though she does try to get Rean to drink on a few occasions.

All of this makes it very difficult for her students to take her seriously, even the more patient ones like Elliot and Emma, to the point that whenever she says something wise, they end up laughing at how little it suits her, much to her annoyance.

However, for all her slacking, mooching and general immaturity, it's very clear that Sara has her students' best interests at heart; although she frequently pairs up two people in the same field study group while knowing full well they don't get along, she does so with the hope that they'll learn to look past each other's differences and accept one another, especially since differences are one of the very reasons they're in Class VII in the first place, combined with the fact that a good bond is crucial for the ARCUS units to reach their full potential.

She also sends Machias to the noble-dominant Bareahard with the hopes that he'll learn to get over his anti-noble bias. Being a teacher, Sara is also a very strict person and expects her students to stand by whatever decision she makes, no matter how much they disagree with it. She also shows definite concern for her students' well-being; after Rean's sister, Elise, gets hurt by a guardian in the old schoolhouse, Sara suspects that the schoolhouse is too dangerous for training anymore and that they should leave it alone, though she changes her mind at her students' insistence.

In addition, while she frequently leaves her students in the dark about certain things, it's because she knows better than to be their babysitter and expects them to figure things out for themselves.

sara valestein

Despite all of this, a few of her actions really are just done out of genuine laziness e. As a former Bracer, Sara strongly believes in being guided by one's conscience rather than by orders, and so encourages her students to get involved in situations that have nothing to do with their field studies. Due to the fact that Giliath Osbourne has more or less driven the Bracer Guild underground in Erebonia, as he disliked their neutrality and disregard for authority, anyone involving the chancellor is a sore spot for Sara; her relationship with Claire Rieveldt is rocky at best, to the point that she can barely stand the sight of her.

However, she doesn't seem to let this get in the way of her duties, as she treats Millium the same way as any of her other students. She also has something of a rivalry with the highly professional Neithardt, who never hesitates to note how unconventional she is; when Sara learns that Neithardt gathered the boys up for extra swimming lessons, as he didn't like the idea of women surpassing men, Sara gathers up the girls for the same thing, apparently because Neithardt boasted about it to her face.

Rean suspects that the two of them are in "a constant moral struggle to outdo each other," and even wonders if it's safe for the two of them to be in the same room.

Despite this, the two are shown to capable of working together when the situation calls for it, as shown during the assault on Garrelia Fortress. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Never did Sara ever imagine herself as an instructor.

From Jaeger to Bracer to Instructor. And at a prestigious military school at that! Now how in Aidios's name did that happen? Next thing she knew she'd wind up in the military if she wasn't careful.

Let's drown that thought in another swig of beer or three, shall we? Nearing the end of her second year with a third looming it was still a strange thought, but one thing she knew was her students were precious to her. Class VII Now there was a bunch and what a mix. Rean Schwarzer He tied them together, brought them closer and solved certain annoying hassles she was more than happy to avoid. Never mind certain accusations of her orchestrating certain events.

Their wellbeing was foremost in her mind and that meant cooperation and not being at each other's throats. A gulp of beer was taken. What would he do when they were all done here? He'd make a damn good Bracer, but somehow she couldn't shake the feeling that Aidios had something else in store for him. There was definitely something more to him and damn if her curiosity didn't burn her up some days.

sara valestein

Speaking of wondering what they'd do after graduation … Elliot Craig … When she first saw that name on the list of potentials she'd groaned. The son of the famous Craig the Red. She'd imagined a kid not fallen far from the tree, all 'my father this, order that, military blah blah blah'. Instead she'd got … a … a … marshmallow … Maaaybe that was a bit of a slight but he was sweet and nervous and she wondered what he was even doing here.

That had to be his father's doing. Still he'd proven himself skilled with the orbal staff and orbal arts and despite his outward appearance there was definitely an iron core of determination in there. She hoped he wouldn't get dragged into the military.

Of course if she was going to be honest, she didn't especially want to see any of them in the military but some would handle it better than others. Laura for instance …. Laura, now there was an Arseid through and through, a knight to the core. Maybe a tad too straight laced for this instructor's taste, but she was a good balancing act for the quirks of her classmates. And she had to respect her skills with the sword. If anyone became the next Divine Blade she could easily see it being her.You may have heard of or seen this Sunshine Blogger thing going around.

I was tagged by Jay Friz over at RJ Writing Ink for such a post in which most of the participants appear to be anime-centered blogs. While The Nostalgia Spot is not an anime blog, it has certainly touched upon the subject from time to time mostly via several posts on the Dragon Ball franchise.

I am a lover of animation though, so naturally I do enjoy anime and this presents an opportunity to touch upon it, so thank you for such, Jay. Once again, thanks go out to Jay for the acknowledgement. If you have not visited his blog, he does a lot of animation-related posts of old and new properties and is currently doing a daily Halloween post and if you read this regularly you know about my affinity for that format and it is certainly worth checking out.

My journey into blogging began nearly 9 years ago. I had always wanted to write and pursued a writing degree while in college. It eventually struck me as something impractical, and rather than reach for a dream I went with a different major. It has financially worked out, but I missed writing. After being out of school for many years and finding myself with a lot of spare time, I decided to start a blog for my own benefit. I do it for the enjoyment of writing, not for publicity.

Recognize it? Nostalgia seems like too broad a topic for the purpose of answering this question. I have greatly enjoyed revisiting Batman: The Animated Series. Not only does it provide me with something to write about, but I also re-watched every episode along the way. Without question though, my favorite posts are the Christmas ones. After dabbling with Christmas for years, I finaly went all-in on doing an advent calendar of posts a few years ago.

When you blog for sheer enjoyment it can be hard to find time to make posts. Plus my own tend to total words no matter what I do, so doing 25 days of posts is hard. It gives me a reason to stay tapped into Christmas all year round. My favorite show is probably either Futurama or The Venture Bros. From a more nostalgic perspective, my favorite as a kid was X-Men.

It has its problems, but I love the aesthetic of it and the battle system is unique enough to separate it form other JRPGs. The showrunners may not have stuck the landing, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. Looking forward to new toys is supremely exciting for me, likely because it allows me to feel like a kid again. That and I rarely have time for video games so looking forward to them feels like a waste of energy. Bruiser will hopefully arrive inbut could slip to Either way, I look forward to whatever is next in this toyline.

I live in Boston and traffic is brutal, flying would solve so many problems. Thanks again to Jay for the chance to do something different. He made his questions fairly broad and not applicable to anime, which probably worked better for me since most of my anime related responses would just refer to Dragon Ball or Cowboy Bebopfine shows certainly, but also shows that have been talked about a lot. My insulated nature means I have no blogs to tag for future responses as the few I follow have already done this post.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! The Nostalgia Spot. Tag Archives: sara valestein October 14, By Joe. All chains have rules, and these are the rules for this particular chain: 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and link it back to them.She is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi JP.

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Rean Schwarzer. Juna Crawford. Kurt Vander. Altina Orion. Musse Egret. Ash Carbide. Alisa Reinford. Emma Millstein. Elliot Craig.

sara valestein

Machias Regnitz. Laura S. Jusis Albarea. Gaius Worzel. Fie Claussell. Sara Valestein. Estelle Bright. Joshua Bright. Renne Bright. Scherazard Harvey.Sara was born in North Ambria and worked for its domestic jaeger corps before she escaped to Erebonia and started working as a bracer.


Sara lost her biological parents as the result of the North Ambrian Disaster. She was taken in by a former captain of the fallen nation's army and the founder of the Northern JaegersCaptain Valestein. Sara grew up in an environment where she understood that her birthplace had fallen into ruin and that jaegers, who brought in foreign money to support the people, were considered heroes.

After three years of heavy training, Sara was deemed experienced enough to be invited into the main squad. This was the first time she participated in actual combat.

She later described her time there - continuous fighting covered in blood and gunpowder smoke - as "hell". At the age of 18, Sara had grown to the rank of company commander when she received a mission to participate in a proxy war between a noble family and a large enterprise in a remote region of Erebonia. Their opponents were the jaeger corps Nidhoggr. Although the Northern Jaegers were heading toward victory, the situation threatened the lives of citizens in the neighborhood and as they worked to ensure their safety, Nidhoggr struck back.

Driven into a corner, the Northern Jaeger's supreme commander, Captain Valesteinjumped into battle and saved them from the perilous situation.

He was mortally wounded and told Sara with his last breath: "You know, right? This is what being a jaeger is. Please think again whether this really is the path you want to follow. She regained her consciousness in a camp of the Imperial Army of Ereboniawhere she was treated by Second Lieutenant Beatrix of the medical battalion, who were sent to the region to review the damages caused by the jaegers.

Learning that her comrades had already returned to North AmbriaSara fled the camp without a word of gratitude and follow their trails. When she returned home, she received a warm welcome from her comrades and the citizens.

Although they had lost their supreme commander, they received an enormous amount of mira from the nobles they were fighting for so they knew no one had to starve to death in the upcoming winter. Although relieved, Sara cried over the situation that they had to spill the blood of innocent neighbouring nations to feed their poor homeland.

Sara decided to leave the Northern Jaegers and fled to Erebonia, finding employment with the Bracer Guild. Her experience in battle quickly landed her as an A-Rank bracer with a steady income, part of which she would send to her homeland.

During the attack on Erebonian Bracer branches in S. She would have come to the guild's aid were it not for Enforcer Sharon Kreugerwho stalled her long enough that the Erebonian branches were forced to call on Cassius Bright for aid.

Following the fight which left both men dead, Sara soon found Rutger's adoptive daughter, Fie Clausselland began taking care of her. While working as a bracer, Sara was soon scouted by Prince Olivert Reise Arnorwho wished to find an instructor that would help encompass the idea of Class VII - a class consisting of a mix of nobles and commoners. Sara accepted the offer to act as the class' homeroom instructor and temporarily left the Bracer Guild for her new job.Rean wakes up in his bed and looks out the window next to him as the morning sunlight beams into his room.

He sits up in his bed and stretches his arms up high as he groans to wake up, but as he lets his arms back down, he puts his hand on something squishy. He looks down at his side and sees something he did not expect to wake up to. His homeroom teacher, Sara Valestein, was lying next to him in his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of black lace panties, and snoring quite loudly.

It takes Rean a few seconds to process what he sees, but when he realizes what's happening, he leaps out of his bed and assumes a defensive stance. He approaches Sara and smells her breath, which confirms his suspicions, " Argh! She reeks of alcohol.

sara valestein

Given that she probably went hardcore drinking last night, that seems like the most logical explanation. I mean, her room is directly above mine. This is my room. Using his quick reflexes, Rean manages to catch her. As his face turns red from this, he looks away to remain respectful. I'll have to get her to sober up. Just then, he hears a knock at his door and a rather girly voice comes from the other side, "Rean?

Are you awake?

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Sara Valestein Character Guide

He slightly opens to look outside, without showing too much inside, and he sees a girl with long blonde hair with two pigtails on the side, "A-Alisa, good morning. So um… what brings you here this early? We'll walk to school tomorrow I promise. As he hears her walk away, Rean breaths a sigh of relief, but also feels bad he lied and pushed out of his closest friends.

Rean then walks over to his bed and helps a half-awake and still drunk Sara on to her feet. He lumps one of her arms around his neck and holds her up with his, then carries her to the door, while trying to avoid looking at her exposed breasts.

They get to the door and Rean opens it once again and peaks outside, looking down the hallway, and seeing no one in sight, he fully opens the door and drags Sara out. Rean tenses up when he locks eyes with the boy, "C-Crow?!

The two of them stare at each other for a moment with Crow constantly moving his gaze between Rean and Sara. He then shuts his door with a loud bang. Using this opportunity, Rean puts Sara back in his room just on the other side of the wall, and just as he finishes doing this, Crow opens his door again. Crow looks around and says, "Didn't I just see Sara with you? You were probably just imagining things.

Crow rubs his eyes and says, "Maybe… I was probably just dreaming. Well, I'll see you in class. Once Crow is out of view, he grabs Sara from around the corner in the same way as before and continues to take her to the bathroom, but before that, Rean tries to make an estimated headcount of everyone in the dormitory. Laura's probably outside training, so I don't have to worry about her.