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Land rover discovery 6 inch lift kit

26.10.2020 By Zulkim

Q1 - some people mention a "2 inch lift" what exactly is included in "a lift kit" - is that body lift or sping lift or both? They might snap under the extra strain. But most lift kits will specify if it's body, suspension or both. Body lift is typically little plastic blocks between the chassis and body, suspension is springs etc. Where in NZ are you mate? There was a one-tonne series2 with 9. It sat lot higher than normal at the springs.

I don't remember it being spoa. Rover probably went for a heavier spring with more curve.

Discovery 1 Off Road Suspension Kits

In theory longer bump stops as well? Definitely more than a 2" lift above an 88". I'd pass on them. The mechanics of them won't suit a series unless you have a need to drive soft ground and can stand losing all the axel flex.

I'm for going the other way and changing my 7. Series suspension lift would be either arched leaf springs parabolic or just military type shakles? There isn't really such a thing as a lift for a Series, they don't work that way.

There is the military chassis which has an additional set of holes for the springs which lift the vehicle about an inch and a half, and then there are parabolic springs which lift it a bit more too. Trouble is para's flex more than standard, so while the wheel might clear sat on the drive when you fit them, they'll start catching the body very quickly.

They'll also catch the springs much much quicker when cornering, so your turning circle will be even worse than normal. And you might want to fit power steering as well. Depending on the offset of the rims you might end up with a turning circle bigger than an oil tanker.

Series axles are super narrow and the tires hit the springs on full lock when wide tires are fitted all too easily.

1994-2004 Land Rover Discovery Upgrades - Weak Links, Strong Fixes

Ah, ha, shackles do ring a bell. I think the S2 one-tonne had extended dumb iron spring plates. The dumb iron was a different part to normal.

It probably had thicker chassis steel. I was offered a full set of 35" simex copies with rims for my Disco, price was amazing, too good to turn down, but I did, why? I don't need 35" tyres and there would be no gains apart from aesthetics as I would need a super low ratio to make any use of them off road, they are a huge tyre and I think the 32" tyres I have are about as much as I would comfortably put on my truck for fear of over stressing the stock drive train, to go any bigger and to make effective use of such tyres would warrant rather big spends on uprated drive line, just my opinion.

If you had a need for such a tyre then you would be fitting it to the wrong base vehicle, that series is 30yrs old and the base mechnicals are much older in design and you couuld be buying more problems than you realize!

If you really want to lift it you could also take the spring over axle route. Parabolics typically lift the chassis ", but cheap ones sag within months, so buy quality springs. I'm inclined to agree that anything over 9.

I fitted GME parabolics in place of a good set of British Springs multileafs and whilst the ride quality has been transformed there was no discernible lift. The amount of lift seams to vary with each brand. This is on a Lightweight so less bodywork to catch and I'd dread to think what you'd get from a set of 35" tyres. I've cut the top of the wheel arch boxes out in mine and raised them up 3".

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead.Renowned for our custom bolt on suspension lift kits, quality engineering and design.

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All Bulletproof Suspension kits are designed to be bolt on with as little modification as possible required. Minor cutting maybe required with some application. Ask a Bulletproof representative about any modification that may apply to your vehicle. Bulletproof Suspension is proud of what we do and stand behind the kits we manufacture, no matter how long the kit has been on your truck or SUV.

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For more information on Military discount or placing a order for one of our quality Suspension Lift kits please call us directly at Toggle navigation. Go to the shop. Made in USA. Unbeatable durability. Bulletproof Suspension Inc. Send Sending. Log in with your credentials. Forgot your details?If I'm honest I never intended to lift my D2 at all As with ANY mods you fit, the biggest factor for most people is cost My D2 has rear air suspension and for me the system is far to useful and it was my full intention to keep that fitted.

Many will say its a pain and unreliable etc etc and to fit coils instead, yes the SLS can be trouble some, but if you "look after" the system and treat it or its components as a serviceable "items" then I personally see it as a far superior setup to coils, but that's another argument for another day So with the rear SLS being retained there is only one option really and that is to lift the mounting where the airbag sits, obviously your not going to move the original or weld a new one on you could if your mad lol so a spacer to fit under the bag is the best option.

I chose to buy mine from Toddco suspensions the price was right and they were manufactured and shipped over pretty quick. The Spacer has the same "key way" in it to accept the air bag exactly as the original axle mounting does and bolts to the same location as the rear coil spring seat would sit.

The kit above was rear spacers for mine and front and rear for a friend, you can see the SLS height sensor brackets and hardware all come with it.

Below is the spacer fitted, you can see the "keyway" where the airbag goes which is the same as the axle fitting. Now I believe some vehicles seem to have the holes where the spring seat goes already threaded from the factory, well on both mine and a friends D2 with SLS neither vehicle had threaded holes, so the holes were opened up to accept the bolts that come with the SLS spacers and they are simply bolted underneath with nuts.

The other part of the SLS "Kit" is a bracket that repositions the height sensor that is bolted to the suspension arm The bracket is very simple and simply re-positions the "normal" height setting of the sensor. I have read some people simply recalibrate the sensors to achieve up to a 3" lift on the rear, well for me this is a big no no for a couple of reasons, you will be naturally putting more air in the bags to "lift" the vehicle and this increase in pressure will make the ride more "harsh" on road, and secondly when offroad, if you select the offroad mode the bag will again be inflated further and increase in length by an additional 1.

This would be made even worse again if you fit longer travel shocks allowing the axle to droop further stretching the bag even more and "possibly" tearing it apart, it is for those reasons that I recommend you DON'T do it that way So that's the rear sorted, what about the front? Now these do work, are cheap and do provide a lift, BUT you have to consider the other factors before choosing the spacer option.

These factors are what you really should think about, If you use spacers then your most likely going to continue using the standard springs, Are they old and saggy?

land rover discovery 6 inch lift kit

Lifting the vehicle with either different springs or spacers under the original seats does NOT provide you with any more axle articulation as the axle movement is governed by the length of the shock, so will you be fitting new shocks as well?

What springs do you get? I will try to list all of what I did and you "should" consider What do you use the vehicle for, does it go offroad as much as on road? Is your vehicle often heavily loaded?This kit has the front shock relocation mounts. This is a precisely machined direct bolt in kit.

This is a set of 1. This is a black in color set of 1. This is a black in color set of 1" CNC machined aluminum coil spring spacers, that can be used on a Land Discovery Series II through non air ride rear. This is the kit for those who have mounted a heavy winch bumper and recovery gear that still want to get a full 2" lift.

In this kit you will get 2. This will provide 2. Also included, all grade 8 hardware, rear air ride adjustment bracket, and instructions.

land rover discovery 6 inch lift kit

This kit converts the rear of the vehicle to a coil spring suspension system. The kit features powder coated variable rate coils springs, rubber isolators, lower spring seats, and all necessary hardware.

Discovery II 2" lift springs set of 4 medium duty, without the harsh ride, color options, red or black. Discovery II 3" lift springs set of 4 medium duty, without the harsh ride, color options, red or black. Adjustable Panhard Rod is used to correct miss-alignment of the front end. Complete, ready to bolt in. Pro Comp ES Shocks complete set front and rear your choice of 2", 3", 4", or 5" longer than stock shocks.

Pro Comp MX2. Hard chrome plated for increased durability. Perfect lengths, not something close.

land rover discovery 6 inch lift kit

All rights reserved.This web page is part of a series on leaf spring suspension. Downward spring articulation and a static clearance lift face the same clearance factors.

W hat follows are my personal thoughts and current understanding on the subject of adding ground clearance to a series Land Rover. Please do not let them limit your thinking if you are contemplating something substantially different and innovative. Too many Land Rover owners have had their thinking limited by what the factory did or did not do. Technologies have improved and Rover was not necessarily on the leading edge of technology when your Land Rover was built.

When you are thinking about making modifications be sure to look at what was done with other marques and what the off road racers have done to keep their cars competitive and the rubber side down. There are some good proven ideas that can enhance the off road capabilities of your Land Rover. Don't pass them by just because the factory never implemented them.

Discovery Lift kits, what is the best way...

No change comes for free. There is a tradeoff for every change you make from stock. The higher you lift your Land Rover the higher you raise its centre of gravity. I read some place that for every inch 2. Your Land Rover steering was designed to work properly with the stock king pin angle line between the top and bottom mount points of swivel ball.

When you change this angle from stock the steering looses stability. Changing the angle on the front differential changes the king pin angle. Some taller tyres require wider rims than came stock on series rigs. The largest Land Rover factory wheel that fits on a series Land Rover is the Discovery spoked steel wheel.

It is 7 inches wide and 16 inches in diameter. Anytime you change tyre sizes don't forget to adjust your steering stop bolts for minimum turning radius without hitting the inner wheel well. Whenever you go to larger tyres you are increasing the unsprung weight of the car. The more the tyre weighs the greater effect that it has when it goes out of balance. Larger tyres should be rebalanced frequently throughout their lives. Tyres affect the final drive ratio.

Taller tyres will give you a higher top speed, higher speed while rock crawling and will require more horse power and fuel to reach a given highway speed. These are just some of the things you need to be aware of when you make modifications to the body height and suspension. It is up to you to decide which factors are most important to you and how you use your car. Above all be safe.

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There are basically three kinds of lift. One lifts the entire car.

4in Land Rover Discovery 2 lift kit

A second lifts the frame but does not change the clearance between the axles and the ground. The third lifts the body in relation to the frame and by itself does not increase ground clearance. The only way to lift the entire Land Rover and provide additional ground clearance between the ground and the axles is to install taller tyres.We've detected you're not using the most up-to-date version of your browser.

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The Discovery is equipped to take you anywhere and everywhere in comfort and style. Versatility and capability have never been more dynamically realized.

The impressive credentials of the Discovery SE ensure you, your family and friends always travel in even greater style. Effortlessly versatile, eminently desirable, the Discovery Landmark Edition provides a striking design, coupled with a distinguished interior. Every aspect of the vehicle is beautifully and intuitively realized, taking finesse and sophistication to all new heights. From its distinctive design to its levels of comfort and finish, the HSE Luxury is exemplary in every single detail.

Obtain a quote on the Land Rover vehicle of your choosing from your closest retailer. Get a personalized quote by Land Rover Financial Services.By yogibear Is it just for cosmetic purposes? Do you just want fat wheels? Do you want clearance? If your on a really tight budget you could do well to look at Llama 4x4 which offers a forums discount. Or you can look at things like this from Island 4x4. There are much more expensive kits out there, and there's loads of threads and opinions around this forum.

Have you done a search? I'm not the right person to answer that one. I do know it's not normal, but I don't know how serious the implications are. Springs and shocks may be fine however I started down this route with mine and ended up changing a whole lot of other stuff too. Not all do it but mine did. If it does effect the handling you will either need to replace the bushes at the axle end of the front radius arms for castor corrected ones or buy new castor corrected arms.

Having corrected the castor you will then probably find that the front propshaft will have picked up a vibration which is cured by fitting a double cardon propshaft from a discovery 2 or a custom made one from the likes of propshaft clinic or devon 4x4 etc.

I also had problems with the rear propshaft as the steeper angle on the propshaft destroyed the rubber coupling at the axle end within about 3 months of me fitting the lift and then a second brand new one in about 6 months. To cure this I ended up fitting a high angle Universal joint at both end propshaft from Devon 4x4 which involved changing the pinion flange on the diff.

I then also had to correct the flange angle of the rear diff as I then had a vibration on the rear this was cured by fitting new rear radius arms that were longer than the originals. You will also definately need to change the front brake pipes for longer ones and may also need to change the rear ones as well. All in all in my opinion I having done it on mine would say that if you can avoid fitting a lift kit if at all possible do, as it could be a lot more expensive and a lot more hassle than just trimming the body work slightly and adjusting the steering stops.

This is just representative of the problems I encountered when I fitted a simple 2" lift to my TDI discovery and may be different to other peoples experiences. Mine is my daily driver so I wanted it right. I largely agree with what Pete has said, but some of the troubles are model specific and some are due to the Disco being a daily drive so some degree of road manners had to be retained

land rover discovery 6 inch lift kit