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8v71 governor

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This two-stroke diesel engine initially came in 3, 4, and 6 cylinders and was named after the displacement per cylinder it produces It developed a reputation for reliability, ease of maintenance, and versatility. The Detroit Diesel 71 series is one of the longest manufactured diesel engines of all times and is used in a multitude of industries through highway, marine and industrial applications.

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8v71 governor

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Detroit diesel engines use both mechanical and hydraulic governors on the engines of the following type:. On Detroit diesel engines the type of governor used is dependent on the particular engine application; therefore, setup can vary slightly between engines. All Detroit diesel mechanical governors are easily identifiable by a nameplate attached to the governor housing. The following letters are typical examples.

The functions of all these governors, whether mechanical or hydraulic, are to control engine speed and correct for any change in load applied or removed from the engine. They all work on the basic principle of weights against spring pressure; therefore, all governors are of the speed-sensing type. Since the action of all these governors is the same, but with a difference only in purpose, we will discuss the two most common types found on a Detroit diesel engine - the limiting and variable speed governors.

The limiting speed type governor is found in both single- and double-weight version and can also be found on both in-line and V-type engines. Riveted on the side of the governor housing is an identification plate, which shows the following:.

Regardless of whether the limiting speed governor is of the single- or double-weight variety, the action of the governor is the same. The purpose of the limiting speed governor is as follows:. The application of the engine determines whether a single- or double-weight governor will be used.

The most prominent application for the limiting speed governor is highway truck engines, since the governor has no control in the intermediate engine speed range. This allows the operator to have complete control of the injector rack movement through throttle action alone. This permits fast throttle response for engine acceleration or deceleration. The variable speed mechanical governor is found extensively on industrial and marine applications, since it is designed for the following functions:.

The response and reaction of the variable speed mechanical governor is similar to that of the limiting speed type with just a few exceptions. Since the varia- ble speed mechanical governor controls speed through- out the total rpm range, there is no intermediate range as with the limiting speed governor.

The variable speed governor uses only one set of weights and one spring. In a variable speed mechanical governor, any given throttle setting or load from idle to maximum speed, a.

Previous Page Next Page. All Rights Reserved.The three common methods of driving the compressor from the engine are gear, belt, and chain. The compressor may be lubricated from the engine crankcase or self-lubricating. Cooling may be either by air or liquid. Figure Compressors, having a displacement of approximately 7 cubic feet per minute cfmhave two cylinders, while those with a displacement of 12 cfm have three cylinders. The reciprocal air compressor fig. The operation of the compressor is as follows:.

The partial vacuum created on the piston downstroke draws air through the air strainer and intake ports into the cylinder. As the piston starts its upstroke. The pressure developed lifts the discharge valve, and the compressed air is discharged to the reservoirs.

As the piston starts its downstroke. The purpose of the compressor GOVERNOR is to maintain the air pressure in the reservoir between the maximum pressure desired to psi and the minimum pressure required automatically for safe operation 80 to 85 psi by controlling the compressor unloading mechanism.

In the type O-1 governor fig. As the air pressure increases, the tube tends to straighten out and decrease pressure on the valve. When the reservoir air pressure reaches the cutout setting of the governor to psithe spring load of the tube on the tower valve has been reduced enough to permit air pressure to raise the tower valve off its seat.

8v71 governor

This movement of the lower valve raises the upper valve to its seat, which closes the exhaust port. Air then flows up through the small hole in the lower. When the unloader valves open, the compression of air is stopped.

When reservoir pressure is reduced to the cut-in setting of the compressor governor 80 to 85 psithe governor tube again exerts sufficient spring pressure on the valve mechanism to depress and close the lower valve and open the upper valve, thereby shutting off and exhausting the air from the compressor unloading mechanism and compression is resumed.

The pressure range and setting should be checked periodically using an air gauge known to be accurate. Pressure range may be changed in the type O-1 governor by adding shims beneath the upper valve guide to decrease the range, or removing shims to increase the range. Pressure settings may be changed, if necessary, by turning the adjusting screw to the left to increase the setting or to the right to decrease the setting.

The strainer should be removed periodically and cleaned. Check the governor periodically for excessive leakage in both the cut-in and cutout positions. If the governor fails to operate properly, it should be repaired or replaced.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Customer Reviews. Home Detroit 8V71 Parts and Information. The Detroit 8V71 is a classic, hearty engine, designed to be tough and work for long periods of time with proper maintenance. When it breaks, we know just how hard it can be to find replacement parts. We are here to help. We carry some of the most extensive lines of premium replacement parts for Detroit Diesel Engines. We are proud to have serviced many satisfied customers over the years, and know that if you try us, you will be satisfied with our parts and our outstanding customer service.

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Either way, it means you are getting a part delivered to you when you want it, for a price that is within your budget. If you need any further assistance, just let us know and we would be happy to help. We employ a full staff of Diesel Experts, who will be happy to help you locate a part, determine your engine type or anything else you might need. Call us today and you will see why Diesel Pro is the best way to buy parts online. For the Detroit 8V71, the serial number will have an 8VA in the beginning.

An example of what the serial number would look like for this engine series is 8VA The model number, on the other hand, will be an eight digit number separated by a dash. For the natural or non-turbo engines, the model number would be 7 0 8 x — x 2 x x. For the turbo engines, the model number like 7 0 8 x — x 3 x x.

The first three digits will always be for this engine. The fourth digit will signify the application, such as 2 for marine use, 3 for industrial use and so on.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customer Reviews. Home 8V71 Non-Turbo Categories. Diesel Pro Power Inc. Ramiro Met. Lee Sweeting.

8v71 governor

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Rebuilding an 8V-71 Detroit Diesel Engine

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8v71 governor

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Joined: Oct 3, Messages: 88 Location: Missouri. Have truck engine. Need to change the govener to make the engine into a power unit.

Have proper goveners I need. All kinds of new adjustment needed to change these out? Thanks, LB. LeakyBootNov 28, Joined: May 11, Messages: 48 Location: Indiana. Isn't that a contradiction? I love. MarkatNov 28, Welcome to the first in a series of stories relating to famous diesel engines of the past and present. The story begins back in when GM subsidary Detroit Diesel unvieled thier first product, the two stroke, inline 6 cylinder The inline models were offered in a one, two, three, four and six cylinder variants.

In V-block versions were introduced and would eventually included 6,8,12,16,24 configurations. At first glance the naming convention seems cryptic but is rather straight forward when you think about it. For example, the The six stands for the number of cylinders, the 71 stands for the cubic displacement of each cylinder.

The 12V71 is a 12 cylinder in a V-block setup. To continue the code a T would stand for turbo charged. L or N would stand for low profile, a setup commonly used in buses. The larger of the 71 series in a V-Block configuration were usually two of the smaller setups married together our used the same set of heads allowing parts to be easily swapped. The applications of the 71 series were limitless. But to really appreciated a Detroit you have to hear it, they truly have a sound all their own.

So, on to the videos. I hope you enjoyed my novice homage to this great and long lived engine. Despite their unfailing ability to constantly leak oil you will still find fans of the 71 all across the globe. Please feel free to correct or and any relevant information by emailing eric dailydieseldose. If you have a candidate for the next KYD story let me know! Pingback: The Worlds Fastest Truck. In my mind one of the best engines every made.

Not the most powerful, but what other engine has lastest the test of time like this one. Damn straight best reliable ive had pleasure of owing 2 boats with 8v71 ieasy peasy to work on!! Looking to buy an old yacht with 2 8v71s ive been waiting for this opportunity i would gave no other.

Change govener on 8V71 Hard to do?

The cams are different between the lh aha rh versions. When you run them in reverse smoke comes out the air cleaner. I saw my buddy stall his dump truck then it rolled forward in reverse He pulled in the clutch and it was still running but the dump box would not go up.

If I can recall I put my hand over the exhaust pipe and and it was sucking air in through the exhaust pipe. I was told by a mechanic that the same camshaft was used for either rotation; it had to be removed and turned end for end. Not the same for the starter, you will need one with the correct rotation. I had a Detroit in a loader and had to swap engines because the engine went bad.

I ordered a military engine from boats and harbors with an opposite rotation. All I had to do was in bolt everything from the block and rebolt it on the other side of the block and reinstall the engine.

In other words just turn the block around.

8V71 Detroit Diesel AGO Tractor.

The engine is symetical, so it all bolts back up when the block is turned around.